Welcome to the VRV

As an avid outdoor enthusiast I tried to show my family what the outdoors had to offer them. Early on it was camping, hiking and canoeing. As the years went along hiking turned to mountain climbing, canoeing to kayaking and motorsports became integrated into our activities. Our activities changed but camping still remained the focal point of our fun. As our equipment list grew we found we needed a RV or camper that could be as flexible and versatile as our interest. After six years of a growing need for something "we could use" and lessening hope that someone out there would build it, I decided to strike out on my own and build what we needed.

After three years of designing the most user friendly, versatile and lightweight Cargo Toy Haulers for our use, and I do mean "use"; it was pointed out to me that I had designed a vehicle a lot of people could use, the VRV. So, if you are an outdoor enthusiast like us and you are looking for a RV, Camper, or Cargo Trailer, don't buy one that "just gets the job done", buy one that "gets all the jobs done". Buy a VRV and come join us on adventure's open road.

Tom and Zach Brawley