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VRV stands for more than just "Versatile" RV; it stands for quality, durability, lightweight, and trouble free recreation. With VRV, Inc. you can find a lasting investment in service that is not stamped out without "your" personal needs in mind. There is no Dealership Network for the VRV XTRs. You do not have to choose from inventory that a dealer selected to sell; you get to buy what you select for your own personal VRV XTR. Here you can choose from the various models and floor plans to find a unit designed to serve your needs with strength and lasting durability. Once you select a VRV XTR floor plan you then get to custom select the VRV XTR Options that "you" want. Everything you selected can then be put together, engineered, and built just for you.

These New 3rd Generation VRV XTR Models have even more of what the VRV Brand has come to represent; more quality, durability, and value to meet your toy hauler needs.

“Patented” VRV XTR Frame vs. A Knock-off

Since we introduced the VRV Design to the RV and Cargo Market Place four years ago there have been other companies that have produced knock-offs of the Tip-Out Bunk Design. Please read this so you know why the Patented VRV XTR Wall Frame is the only one to invest in.

Cargo Trailers and RV Toy Haulers are not engineered to carry weight loads on the exterior of a trailer's side walls. Displacing weight over the interior floor frame is how most traditionally built trailers are engineered; without consideration for what would happen to a wall over time if weight loads were placed on the exterior of the side walls. A simple window frame to place a Tip-Out Bunk into is not sufficient to keep the wall from flexing, bowing, or squatting after a few years of use. Not to mention that with an open-ended Toy Hauler or Cargo Trailer these kinds of loads can cause a trailer frame to rack or pitch the side walls out of square.

VRV, Inc. decided to invest several thousand dollars to have a Engineering Firm analyze and help design a Wall Frame System that would withstand these stresses and loads without losing the structural integrity of the wall and trailer box over years of service. Several models of wall structures were tested before the Engineering Firm passed the one that VRV, Inc. currently owns and uses in all VRV XTR Models with Tip-Out Bunks.

What was designed was unique and not previously used by any known manufacturer in the Cargo Trailer or RV Industries for aluminum or steel construction. VRV, Inc. sought and was granted a Patent on the Wall Frame System and is the only company utilizing the engineered, tested, and patented VRV Wall Frame System, and it is only in the VRV XTR products.

Please remember this when you see any other vehicle that is copying the use of a Tip-Out Bunk on a unit they build. I assure you they do not have what we have to protect your investment from possible stree damages. Please buy the one and only, the Patented VRV Design VRV XTR.

VRV Advantages

(All Aluminum and Composite Construction in a Unique Design)

As our recreational interest grow and we are drawn to more and more equipment to help us enjoy these interest; we find ourselves in a difficult position. How do we get our recreational equipment to its destination in a useful, versatile and fuel-efficient vehicle that allows us to camp comfortably? The answer is in the unique "Patented" VRV design.

The VRV design combines the cargo and toy-hauling attributes of an open cargo trailer, the expandable square footage of our tip-out self-supporting bunks, and the self-contained components of larger traditional toy haulers. These combined features of the VRV are what allow you haul all the recreational equipment your family may use and still be able to camp in comfort. What makes this truly unique is that with a VRV you can now do all of this without having to trade to a larger, less fuel-efficient tow vehicle. Another added benefit of the VRV design, it allows you carry all your recreational equipment and stop for that quick night's rest along the way without having to unload your equipment to make bed space. Once you have reached your destination and unloaded, you then get to enjoy all of the open floor space without having to work around traditional built-in furniture and beds that reduce this useful living space.

You may want to consider another point if you own a larger less fuel-efficient vehicle and are thinking about downsizing to something smaller and more economical. The VRV is created to serve another useful purpose; that of a cargo trailer. Nothing about the VRV's design, construction or weight will keep you from using it as a cargo trailer when that you find yourself in need of one. Strong, durable, easy to maintain and clean, when needed a VRV is fully functional for transporting appliances, building materials, furniture and other items you would carry in a cargo trailer.

All of this means that you get more use with fewer concerns from your investment in both your recreational equipment and the trailer you use to move it. Welcome to the VRV XTR.

Why All-Aluminum Construction is Important

The recreational vehicle and cargo trailer industries have been manufacturing heavy steel constructed towable toy-haulers and trailers for decades. While they may be using some aluminum in areas such as the sidewalls and ceilings, the fact is, the foundation of most traditional towable trailers is constructed out of heavy and corrosive steel.

With the VRV XTR aluminum is utilized to construct the entire structure of the VRV from tongue to ramp door. The entire frame; floor; sidewalls; exterior skin; bunk construction and cabinets are constructed of lightweight and durable aluminum. Aluminum processes notable advantages over steel and wood, such as lightening the overall weight of trailers to make for easier towing, it does not corrode like steel, it is not affected by water like wood, and it significantly increases the resale value of the coach, protecting the owner's investment. The VRV is constructed to withstand the rigors of use and the test of time unlike any other RV Toy Hauler on the market!

Facts about Aluminum verses Steel as utilized for the foundation of trailers:

  • Aluminum can reduce the overall unit weight by 35-40 percent over steel and wood, making it much easier and safer to tow.
  • Aluminum maximizes resale values because it lasts longer and minimizes costly repairs due to rust, rot and corrosion.
  • Aluminum trailers require less power to tow which increases your tow vehicle's performance, fuel efficiency and life
  • Aluminum maintains its strength and form for decades even after being exposed to water.

All of these facts mean your investment in aluminum construction will pay big dividends over the life of your VRV Lightweight Cargo Toy Hauler.

The "Patented" VRV wall frame is made of all welded aluminum wall studs and roof trusses; engineered to withstand the stresses of weight loads carried to the outside of the wall structure. This engineered and time tested structure is then welded to an all-aluminum Box Tube base frame, and to that, the unique aluminum tongue and groove plank floor system is welded. The aluminum floor is six inch wide tongue and groove rib re-enforced planks, cut to the length of the coach in the frame shop; each is welded to the base frame cross members wherever it crosses the frame. This makes the VRV base frame one of the strongest in the industry.

There are no nails, screws or straps holding the VRV frame together. It is more labor intensive to weld the joints in an aluminum frame together than it is to use a nail or staple guns to hold a wood frame together, but it creates a frame that will stand up to the incredible vibration and stresses an RV experiences during towing. This all-welded "Axle to Roof" structure gives the VRV XTR something no other Toy Hauler in the industry has; a "Totally Integrated Frame" that will last for years to come.

The VRV's living quarters, kitchen, and bathroom areas are constructed with aluminum framed walls and cabinets, composite wall panels, and aluminum cabinet skins; which all wear well and clean up easily. In the bathroom areas especially, the use of these types of materials mean that there is nothing that should mold, mildew, or deteriorate. This means that mold and bacteria should not become a health issue no matter what happens.

Other Toy Haulers offer limited exterior colors. The VRV XTR aluminum exterior makes it possible to offer a number of exciting colors, highlighted by bright diamond-plated aluminum fronts and trim. With aluminum Mag Wheels bolted to Torsion Brake Axles, the sporty exterior look of the VRV XTR goes great with today's automotive designs and colors.

As you can see, we have made the VRV durable with quality materials and construction that holds up against deterioration, failure, and use. Also, never forget that the Patented VRV design provides you with a world of options as to how your toy-hauler and its components can be used.

What does this type of construction mean? It means savings. Savings in maintenance costs, down time for repairs and general wear and tear. It will also protect your VRV XTR's resale value.