VRV is a Patented
Design and
Trademarked Name

Dedicated to an idea

VRV stands for more than just "Versatile" RV; it stands for quality, durability, lightweight, and trouble free recreation. (Read more)

“Patented” VRV XTR Frame vs. A Knock-off

Since we introduced the VRV Design to the RV and Cargo Market Place four years ago there have been other companies that have produced knock-offs of the Tip-Out Bunk Design. Please read this so you know why the Patented VRV XTR Wall Frame is the only one to invest in. (Read more)


As an avid outdoor enthusiast, I brought my son, Zach, up to appreciate what the outdoors had to offer him. Early on it was camping, hiking and canoeing. As the years went along hiking turned to mountain climbing, canoeing to kayaking and motorsports became read more...

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